The National Salsa Congress is one of the most important Salsa events in Romania, produced with the purpose of achieving the “Great Union of Dancers and Salsa Schools” in Romania. The team behind the National Salsa Congress is determined to develop a memorable event that will set new standards for the Salsa dancers from Romania and from abroad. Meet few of the members of the organizing team of the National Salsa Congress.

  • Iulian Dinu

    Iulian Dinu

    organizing team, promotion, negotiations

    He does not own a Facebook account, he is a
    a young spirit and a great fan of rugby.

    Phone number: +40731 571 515

  • Eva Dinu

    Eva Dinu


    She counts in Hungarian and represents
    the woman behind a strong man.

    Phone number: +40746 276 628

  • Andreea Neagu

    Andreea Neagu

    foreign guests and attendees

    She is great on the dance floor, loves cats
    and knows what she wants from life.

    Phone number: +40731 499 556

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