Jack & Jill

Regulation for the Jack & Jill Competition 2020

  • all competitors must have a Full-Pass;
  • registrations must be confirmed according to schedule, otherwise the right to compete is lost;
  • dress-code: Jack vest, Jill skirt.
Maximum number of couples: 20

Rules: An equal number of girls and boys are registered and the couples are chosen by draw. When going through from a round to another the number of couples will halve, until reaching 6 couples for the final round. The jury will formed of maximum 5 judges, chosen from the salsa schools’ leaders. The president of the jury will solve all problems and he will have the final decision. The music will be chosen by the DJ and it will include all latin styles and diverse tempos. The couples chosen after the draw will not change until the end of the competition.

The competitors will be judged according to:

  • communication (leading/following);
  • musicality;
  • style;
  • technique;
  • difficulty;
  • stage presence;
  • audience reaction.

The registrations for the Jack & Jill Competition are made on Thursday, January 23, 2020, between 23:00 and 00:00, until reaching the limit of the maximum number of couples (20). The draw for the Jack & Jill Competition will be made on contest night, at 23:55.