Tromboranga – For the first time in Romania

As part of the new generation of independent latin orchestras, Tromboranga is the pure essence of “Salsa Dura”. Tromboranga´s spicy ingredients are the trombones sound, solid and strong percussion, and they recover the essence of “soneos” (voice improvisation among the chorus). With influences from the salsa music from the 60s and 70s, maintaining a raw, strong and a very danceable sound. Its original songs like “Humildad”, “Palo pa la campana”, “Ah Caraj”, “Mi China Colombiana”, talks about stories that can describe the life of any of us, and they have become number one in Latin radios and dance floors worldwide. Tromboranga is made up of musicians from the Caribbean and Europe, all residents of Barcelona, Spain.

Joaquín Arteaga, Band leader, Timbal and composer from Venezuela, known for his long career as a percussionist and also as band leader of the orchestra “Bloque 53”. Diego Coppinger, traditional “Sonero”, with an extensive carrer that includes “Tropicana” in Cuba, gives color and Cuban flavor, with great force and experience in his amazing soneos. Freddy Ramos, young singer from Venezuela, also arranger with a wide impresive musical career. Rafael “Madagascar” Arciniegas adds Colombian flavor to the with his piano and arrangements. Lorenzo “El diablo” Barriendos, Venezuelan musician on bass, with tastefull tumbaos, known for his interventions with orchestras such as Trabuco Venezolano, Mango group Guaco among others. The strong and colorful trombone section, which offers a distinctive mark on the band: Vladimir Peña (Venezuela), Josep Blanes (Spain) and Miguel Moises (Spain), all supported by the taste and the conga afinque Oriol Martinez and the spicy bongo of Climent Campa.

Their first EP “Agua que va caer” hit the market in November 2011 in anticipation for the first official cd “Salsa Dura” (April 2012), considered by latin music lovers, DJs, dancers and specialize salsa bloggers among the 10 best CDs of 2012. They have also recorded a CD together with Bloque 53 “Tumba Puchunga” where the song “Me alborotas” and also “Tumba Puchunga” reached number one in many Latin radios listings.

We are sure that their presence on the stage of the National Salsa Congress will be great and we feel honored for having the chance to dance on their music. Come and see Tromboranga on Friday night, January 25, 2019, only at the National Salsa Congress – 2019 edition.


-Tromboranga EP “Agua que va caer” (2011)
-Bloque 53 & Tromboranga “Tumba Puchunga” (2012)
-Tromboranga “Salsa dura” (2012)
-Tromboranga “Al mal tiempo buena salsa” (2013)
-Tromboranga “Solo para coleccionistas” (2013)
-Tromboranga “Salsa Pa´Rato” (2014)
-Tromboranga “Golpe con Melodía” (2015)
-Tromboranga “Sangre Sudor y Salsa” (2016)

members: Joaquin Arteaga (Director & Timbales), Diego Coppinger (Voice), Freddy Ramos (Voice), Oriol Martinez (Congas), Climent Campa (Bongos), Lorenzo Barriendos (Bass), Rafa Madagascar (Piano), Vladimir Peña (Trombone), Josep Blanes (Trombone), Miguel Moises (Trombone).