Workshops’ schedule

Come and learn from the best instructors in the country! The National Salsa Congress offers 48 workshops, organized on Saturday and Sunday. We like diversity, and this is why the National Salsa Congress prepared with 4 workshop halls, with workshops structured on all difficulty levels that will cover each area of the Latin-Carribean styles. The workshops will be dedicated to each style (salsa on1, salsa on2, cha-cha, bachata, kizomba, semba, merengue, afro-cuban, palo and others) and will focus also on styling, body movement, musicality and others.

Smoking is FORBIDDEN in the party halls, in the workshops’ halls and in the other spaces destined for dancers.

Recording during the workshops is FORBIDDEN. The workshops can be recorded at the end of each workshop with the agreement of the teaching instructor.

The workshops’ schedule will be available soon.

Level intermediate / advanced intermediate beginner / intermediate all levels

The organizers of the National Salsa Congress reserve the right to modify the workshops’ schedule.